Josh in the ball pit!

Josh Power Photography specializes in event photography. While it is important for a photographer to be skilled at all the different nuances of photography, we focus and specialize mainly on corporate events, incentive trips, and business meetings. 

I see event photography as a true specialty field. Your professional event photographer needs to be extremely well rounded and equipped to handle all of the constant venue, activity, and lighting changes that occur throughout an event....Set up shots. Sponsor logos. Guest interaction with sponsors. Guest interaction with vendors. Guest interaction with guests. Speakers. All of them. Vendors. All of them. Group shots. Single shots. Couple shots. Inside. Outside. Good lighting. Bad lighting. Decent lighting. Multiple rooms. Conference rooms. Venue shots. Excursions. Alligators. Snorkeling. Beaches. Speedboats. Beaches. Causal gatherings. Formal gatherings. Dance floors. Step and repeats. Strobe lights. Awards. Fireworks. Oh yeah - and a sponsor logo in the firework shot, please!

With all this to think about, it can not be forgotten that your event is unique and special. This mindset that event photography is a specialty field, and one that is capable of creating amazing images is something that I see missing in the event industry today. Great images tell great stories. Your images should beautifully show the amazing events you were able to create. They document your life and career. They should be special. As budgets are cut, professional photography is usually the first to suffer. Once your event is over, though, what is left? 

My job as a professional event photographer is to tell a story. Your story. A story that is accurate, emotional, and compelling for both the attendees and the people who were not able to attend. It needs to have such an impact that people don't want to miss out next year and sponsors start calling you!

Great images tell great stories. What story are you telling?®